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    Absolue The Serum: Our Serum for Younger-Looking Skin

    Discover Absolue The Serum, our anti-aging face serum that improves the look of dull skin and uneven skin tone for younger looking, glowing skin.

    From Advanced Génifique Serum to Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum ?— we’re always on a mission to capture the greatest technology and ingredients to create more iconic skincare products. Our latest serum – Absolue The Serum – features many of the same ingredients and qualities of our luxurious Absolue Skincare collection, and it’s sure to find a place in your skincare routine alongside other favorites like the Absolue Soft Cream and Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream.

    An Introduction to Absolue The Serum

    A new innovation for Lanc?me, Absolue The Serum is an anti-aging serum which helps to improve the look of dull skin for a visibly more youthful skin. The serum is luxurious and opulent, and it feels like an indulgent treat for the skin when applied. With an iridescent, transformative formula, the face serum starts out rich and dense yet absorbs quickly, providing a lightweight yet luxurious experience for skin. Suitable for a wide variety of skin types including oily skin and sensitive skin, the serum has been tested for tolerance under dermatological control.

    A key exciting factor that sets Absolue The Serum apart is its commitment towards improving sustainability. Sustainability is quickly becoming a part of our daily lives and it shouldn’t stop at skincare. Absolue The Serum proves that luxury skincare can still deliver exceptional results while promoting more sustainable skincare practices. With a refillable bottle made of 40% recycled glass Absolue The Serum helps to reduce plastic waste – when you replenish your serum with a sustainable refill capsule you can help reduce plastic usage by -46%*. Additionally, Absolue The Serum includes ingredients that are obtained via green extraction processes to create less waste. It also contains ingredients that were previously discarded and are now upcycled for use in the formula to help reduce rose biowaste.

    Skincare Benefits of Absolue The Serum

    Luxurious and a treat to use are always nice qualities to have in a skincare product, but beyond that the results and efficacy a face serum provides are ultimately the priority most of us have. Absolue the Serum helps to reveal visibly smoother, plumper, glowing skin with a concentrated formula that helps accelerate skin surface cell renewal. Ultimately, this serum helps achieve younger-looking skin.

    Immediately after use, Absolue The Serum results in skin which is firmer and more hydrated, in addition to an improved look of uneven skin tone. Over time, skin looks smoother and plumper, revealing glowing skin with youthful-looking radiance.

    In consumer studies, over 80% of women agreed that Absolue Serum left their skin feeling softer, moisturized, and nourished with a supple feel and improved feeling of skin elasticity. **

    Absolue The Serum is suitable for a range of different skin concerns including uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone and dull skin – additionally it’s suitable for all skin types including oily skin and sensitive skin.

    The Key Serum Ingredients

    The benefits of a skincare product are often a result of the ingredients used – so when selecting a face serum it’s important to understand and pay attention to what is included. After all, the ingredients and ingredient combinations are what ultimately deliver results. Infused with an exclusive blend of Grand Rose Extracts, Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Pro-Xylane, and a gentle Exfoliating Acid Complex, Absolue The Serum revitalizes skin with millions of new surface cells. These key ingredients all have qualities which help to benefit the skin***.

    Grand Rose Extracts is our proprietary blend of rose extracts sourced exclusively from the south of France and is rich in antioxidants.

    Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant known to help protect the skin from free radicals.

    Pro-Xylane is known to help smooth the look of fine lines and help to visibly improve uneven skin tone for a more even look.

    Gentle Exfoliating Acid Complex serves as a unique buffering and exfoliating ingredient and is known to help soften skin and promote skin surface cell renewal.

    Shop The Absolue Serum for visibly younger skin.

    *Comparing one bottle and two refills to three non-fillable Absolue serums
    94% agree skin feels softer*
    90% agree skin feels softer even 1 week after discontinuing product use**
    88% agree skin feels moisturized*
    86% agree skin feels nourished*
    84% agree skin feels suppler/more elastic***

    *Based on consumer testing with 51 women at 8 weeks.
    **Based on consumer testing with 51 women at 9 weeks.
    ***Based on consumer testing with 51 women at 4 weeks.
    ***Ingredient benefits are based on product formula testing, not on the individual ingredients.


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